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Frequently Asked Questions:

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It’s optional but, if you choose to register for a free account on the site you will be able to save payment or shipping address info for next time, and view your orders.

There are two factors that normally come into play: Fulfillment and Shipping.

Fulfillment Time is the time it takes to create your product and is usually 2–5 business days 

When you place an order, it should give you an estimated range as to how long shipping will take. Depending on the method of shipping you choose and other various factors it could take longer for you to receive your product, but it’s usually pretty accurate!

If you have further questions please contact us!

My other website is where you can buy my original paintings and artwork, request a commission, or just find out more about my creative projects!

I work on new designs all throughout the year! Stay updated on when they will be released by following me on social media, Joining the newsletter or checking the store anytime.

Who knows? It’s only just beginning! … I won’t say too much but … that would be really cool 😎

Most shirts only come in one color, but certain shirts come in multiple colors! Click on the product to find out

Take a look at the sizing charts here! The shirts may run a little bigger than most shirts out there, but are pretty accurate to the sizing guides provided.

Normal T-Shirts are Adult Sizes and Kids T-Shirts are made in kids sizes.

We wanted to make sure younger kids and not just older kids/teens and adults could enjoy Inspire Joy’s T-Shirts!

The one downside is Kids sizes don’t always come in the same colors as Adult sizes. So as a result, not all of the designs will be available in kids sizes. But, we’ve found an XS (Extra Small) in Adult sizes tends to fit most 10/11/12 year-olds.

We have a little list for you to refer to on the sizing guide page so that you can keep your T-Shirts in great condition and help them last as long as possible! click here to find out more!

At the moment we don’t accept returns. All sales are final. But, please contact us if you have a problem and we will try to get back to you with more information ASAP!

Our email is 

phone: 843-214-7395